The Barbera Foundation
Pasadena Area Opera Trust
Angel Blue, Soprano
Milena Kitic, Mezzo Soprano
Rod Gilfry, Baritone
Maestro Daniel Suk of The Dream Orchestra, Los Angeles
Annie Brassard
Lisa Smith
Jane Armel
Rafael Calvo
Jessie Duffy
Paula Harrison
Bruce Johansen
Marlene Otto
Bevely Paget
Dallas & Merrily Pennington
Wendy Pylko
Tadea Pylko
Freda Ravizza
Monika Smogorzeswki
Sam Vena
Wendy and John Virga

Thank you to our patrons for helping us maintain this outstanding competition that provides another high-quality cultural event in the Pasadena community. These tax-deductible contributions help young American opera singers further their careers and introduce opera as an art form to new students.